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We are the premier towing service in the Indianapolis area.
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Towing Indianapolis

Indianapolis Towing Company is committed to serving the Indianapolis community with our unrivaled dedication to customers,
attention to service, responsiveness, and top-notch pricing.
We are the premier towing service in Indianapolis and pride ourselves on the cornerstone of our work; satisfaction. 
Indianapolis tow trucks are a dime a dozen, so why go with us? We put you first – simple as pie. 

Tow Truck Indianapolis

Getting an Indianapolis tow truck is just a phone call away. Our towing services are backed by professional, skilled drivers who aren’t just any drivers, but individuals who take pride and joy in their expert towing skills. A tow truck in Indianapolis should be skilled for all seasons and prepared for the best and worst of circumstances. Indianapolis is an all-season climate, meaning we need to be prepared to best serve you no matter the conditions outside! Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, we’re ready to provide expert towing service with our Indianapolis tow trucks. We offer regular tow, flatbed tow, and wrecker services

24/7 Tow Truck Service

When you need a lift, it’s never on your time. No one ever PLANS on having a flat, having something break on the car, or getting into a fender-bender. We get that and we are prepared for that – our 24/7 towing service is ready to go when you need us. After all, these towing emergencies especially happen in the late hours of the night or when no one else is open. We care about the community and we make sure to be ready to serve you when you need us. Getting a tow 24/7 is our pride and joy, and we happily take care of the community during all hours. Call us and we’re ready to go! 

Flat Tire Service 

Ever sprung a flat tire, hopped out of the car, only to look at the tire and wonder what on earth to do with this? We get it and we understand what that’s like. Our drivers are prepped for all circumstances, so whether it’s just a simple tire replacement or the car needs to get lifted, our drivers are ready to handle it. Ever locked the keys in the car? We’ve been there, too, and the expert staff and Indianapolis Towing Company have done this a time or two. We get it, we’re all human, and we can help. If your family is in a bind, we’ve got you covered and our drivers are ready to take on whatever we need to do to get you squared away!

Indianapolis Emergency Towing

Ever had an emergency and needed someone to help in the day or the night? We’ve heard and seen thousands of stories on this. Emergency towing is hard to find and hard to do, but we’ve been doing this for years and know a thing or two about this. Whether you’ve wrecked, or had a doozy and need someone to come get you out, we can do this and are ready to help serve you in all circumstances, but especially the emergencies. We’ll bail you out and make it right. 

Flatbed Towing Services

We do more than just a regular tow. Everyone looks for a regular tow every once in a while, but not all jobs are the same. Some require more attention, different equipment, maybe a softer approach, or a little more security on vehicles that need to be propped up all of the way. However, our flatbed tow trucks are not just limited to emergencies, things that are broken, in need of repair, etc. We can use our flatbed tows for other things like classic vehicles, motorcycles, or other things you want to tow along or move but don’t want just the regular tow truck in Indianapolis utilized for this. We want our services to just transcend the emergencies, broken things, or bail outs – we want to be able to serve you even when things are good but you need a lift for that classic car you’ve been working on and need to transport or for anything else that you need moved. 

Emergency Roadside Assistance 

Our emergency roadside assistance services are a lifesaver and are there for some of the crunch moments in life. Ever sprung a tire leak on the way home, got in a fender bender, or the car just died on you while on the road? Especially the feeling where you just want to get home to the family, someone’s waiting on you, or you’ve got your troop in the back and just need to get the kids home and off the road. We can help and we’ve been giving a hand to families for several years. Our emergency roadside assistance services are here to help get you home in those dire circumstances. However, please note that tire services and emergency roadside assistance is for emergencies only and will be subject to specific business hours. 

Locked Car and Jumpstart

Our Indianapolis towing team is ready for even the most obscure things that come up. Don’t you hate the feeling in the middle of winter after a cold night you are going to your car in the morning to start it, then “click, click, click….” the car won’t start? We’re here to take care of you in those cold winter days. Ever left a light on in the car overnight during the summer, only to come out and get that sinking feeling in your stomach that you can’t get to work today? We’ve got you covered then. We don’t want you to worry. Our team is here to get that battery back up and going. 
Locked your keys in the car? No sweat, we’ve been there too. We can help get those keys out – just provide us with proof of ownership of the vehicle and your ID and we’re good to go. 

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Here at Indianapolis Towing Company, we’re ready to serve you – call us today! Our service is unrivaled, our prices are straightforward, and our process is painless. We want you to have the best towing experience you’ve ever had. Call us today and see the difference for yourself!

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